Hello Once Again

Hello, let me try this again. I lost count, but this is my 10th attempt at having a blog. My intention this time is to materialize my thoughts and share them. I don't have high expectations in regards how many people will read my writing, and to the least it will be a knowledge for myself.

The second part, is inspired by Jason Lengstorf personal site, where he uses it as a playground. I don't have the opportunity to use ReactJS and modern JS in my day-to-day work, I will try things out and have fun with it.

Who Am I?

My name is Omar Martinez. I’m a Lead Frontend Software Developer based out of Seattle. I've been a developer professionally for 16 years. I’ve been known as a “Jack of All Trades”. I work most of the time in JavaScript. This site is an attempt to share my thoughts and learnings. I love technology, music and video games. My dream job is to be a DJ 🖤🎧.